susu logo no backgroundIf you wish to become more involved in the efforts to address current issues, Sustainable Sudbury is looking for volunteers to join the Steering Committee and its subcommittees.

We are not just looking for people willing to volunteer time for established projects. If you have an environmental item not on the list below that you would like to spearhead, let us know. Or, contact us if you would like to head up one of the projects listed.

Here are a few opportunities:

  • Membership Committee: Seek out new members for Sustainable Sudbury and help us keep in contact with existing members. Also help Sustainable Sudbury find other volunteers to join the subcommittees.
  • Foam recycling: Help plan, set up and participate in the semi-annual foam recycling collections.
  • Committee to Interface with Sudbury Businesses
  • Plastics Reduction Committee: No single use plastic bags provided or single serve (<1 liter) bottled water sold in Sudbury after that date. Sustainable Sudbury is working to support the Town in implementing the new bylaws, particularly by helping work with businesses during the transition.
  • Pesticides and Toxic Materials Committee
  • Public Relations Committee: Help keep Sustainable Sudbury in the news – write articles, letters to the editor.
  • “Metro-West CAN (Climate Action Network)” Committee

Old Projects:

  • GLAD “Green Landscaping at the Dump”. Yes we know it is now a transfer station, but a lot of its problems are because it was a dump.
  • Methane Recovery: Remove a bad greenhouse gas and generate a few dollars for the town from the landfill.